Lough Corrib Boats

Glann , Oughterard
County Galway

Glann's Boats

  • Fish or boat on the Beautiful Lough Corrib
  • Moored on prime fishing ground
  • 19 ft Corrib Boats, min Outboard size 6 hp
    Boats will only be hired out to people who have experience with similar boats and outboards.
    For people who are not familiar with the lake we recommend the services of a fishing Guide.
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  • If the weather is not suitable because of high winds, fog etc  boats will not be hired out.
  •  Lifejackets are now compulsory and must be worn.
  • Secure parking adjacent to Moorings.

Glann's Boats


Gerry was born on the shores of Lough Corrib and has been a Guide on the Lake all his life as has his father and grandfather. He has expert knowledge of the lake and a vast experience in all types of fishing and is an experienced flytyer. Fishing for the much sought after ‘Ferox’ is another of his specialities.


Rates Boat Hire

Boat, Engine & Petrol---------------------------€ 90 per day
Boat--------------------------------------------€50 per day
Boat Hire bookings of 3 days or more ----Phone for prices

Rates Guide / Boatman

Guide,Boat, Engine, Rods & Tackle-------€200 per day




Guide,Boat, Engine, Rods & Tackle plus a Steak meal with potatoes,onions cooked on the open fire on one of the Corribs many islands------€250 per day for 2 people


Contact: Gerry Molloy on 0879190673

For details on our accommodation please see Ardlougher Lodge

Glann Boats

Lough Corrib Trout

Lough Corrib Trout

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